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Quintessa by DarkFurianX Quintessa by DarkFurianX
A Jedi Knight i created for a Star Wars competition on, i wanted a design to complement the description.

Name: Quintessa
Race: Human Female
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Hight: 5ft 9
Weapons: Single bladed Lightsaber/Purple crystal, Blaster
Special Skills: Force Heal, Highly skilled in lightsaber combat
Weaknesses: Unusually low level of basic Force powers i.e Push/pull ext

Born on Dantooine and Joining the new Jedi order at a young age, learning the ways of the Force was hard for Quintessa due to the fact the she could not control the simplest of Force powers, this angered her immensely in her youth but she made up for it with lightsaber combat and fighting ability being one of the most skilled lightsaber fighters of her generation.

A very beautiful, well built, polite and charming young lady, she always got on well with her peers but would sometimes appear down on herself about not living up to her mentor Luke Skywalker.

She eventual left the New Jedi order before becoming a fully fledged Jedi Knight as she felt she was not up to the same level of skill of the other apprentices, after many years working as a bounty hunter for hire it was discovered by accident that she possessed the ability to use the Force to rapidly heal herself and other, an ability that was very rare within Force wielding beings.

Quintessa has come close to loosing control and falling to the dark side of the force many times since leaving the order because of her frustration over her inability to use her basic gifts.

Her current location was last seen assisting the inhabitants of Bespin on a matter of theft of a trade ship.
InvaderKira Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2012
Yay! Jedi stuff!
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